Buy Copier Machine On Installments

Buying a copier on monthly installment makes a good sense, as it is extremely cost effective medium enterprises who do not want invest capital can go for installments. We offer Minolta refurbished copier imported from USA and Europe on easy monthly installments.

Main advantages:

  • Monthly installment   for twelve months. canon-refurbished
  • No down payment.
  • Zero investment.
  • One year free service.
  • Parts already available in market.
  • Excellent for office use.
  • One year free parts, toner and other consumables.


    Your monthly installment is in advance and all you have to pay at the time of signing the agreement is deposit first month installment  and eleven post dated checks of remaining installments.


    Q)     What is installment plan, is it a loan ?

    A)     No, installment plan is not a loan, it is a transaction in which the copier Is bought by the customer and is the property of the customer,  the customer pays fixed monthly installments for a fixed term . The ownership transfer to the buyer as soon as the customer pays the first installment.

    Q)     When will I get the Refurbished copier ?

    A)    As soon as you submit the request form  your case will be put into approval and after the signing  the purchase order we will install a refurbished copier.

    Q)     If in the middle of the term I want to end the agreement what should I do?

    A)    No problem, all you have to do is submit your request in writing and we will give you a discount on the installments for the remaining period.


    Copy of the National Identity Card.

    Paid copy of current Telephone, Electricity Bills for six months.

    Photo copies of National Identity Cards of two guarantors.

    For more information call our representative 021-32422592 Cell No: 0336-2588702 Email:

    Our Satisfied Customers

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